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News and Site Updates

(10/1/15) All four books of the Onyx Court series will be published in the UK by Titan in 2016 and 2017! I have enormous cover images for Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie already, with the other two on their way.

(3/29/15) I've finally put together a page for Voyage of the Basilisk -- just in time for its publication!

(1/9/15) My various ebooks are now live on Google Play!

(10/28/14) My short story collection Monstrous Beauty is now on sale at a variety of ebook retailers.

(10/1/14) "Daughter of Necessity" is live on Tor.com!

(8/5/14) I've added iTunes purchase links for "Welcome to Welton", Deeds of Men, and Writing Fight Scenes to their respective pages.

(7/13/14) Major news: A Natural History of Dragons is a finalist for the World Fantasy Award.